your help

We are devoted to making Rupert’s life the happiest and most fulfilling that it can be, surrounding him in love, encouragement and most of all in laughter. For this, we need you and we need help – financial, medical and emotional – so that we can maximise Rupert’s physical and mental function and most importantly of all make his life hugely fun.

IamRupert has been set up by Rupert’s godparents and over time we hope it will develop into not only a fundraising site, but also a diary of where we are with the gorgeous chap and how he is progressing. Longer term we would love it to be a reference place and support for other families going through this unimaginably difficult journey.

Please help us by donating to Rupert’s fund. Every single penny will help and will be spent wisely on treatments, support and other resources that we cannot access through the NHS. 

You can donate at

If you are feeling especially inspired, energetic or creative, then please consider doing a fundraising challenge of your own – anything from a fun run, to a cake sale… It would mean so much to us and to Rupert and hopefully one day  he can be on the side-lines cheering you on, or tasting your specially baked cake.

All ideas are welcome and all contributors very gratefully received. In the future, we would love to set up an annual Run for Rupert, as well as a number of other events so please check back and see what the events diary is looking like.

Most of all, we would love you to join us on our journey with this remarkable little guy.

With our love and thanks X