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In around one in six cases, cerebral palsy causes involuntary muscle spasms and unwanted movement – this is described as dystonic cerebral palsy (or alternatively dyskinetic orchoreoathetoid cerebral palsy).

The symptoms of dystonic cerebral palsy are usually of muscle spasms which can be difficult to control and sometimes painful.  These are a result of incorrect signals from the brain. The spasms cause a range of different unwanted movements.

Dystonic cerebral palsy often appears in combination with other symptoms of cerebral palsy – usually the dystonic movements appear in combination with high and/or low muscle tone. For this reason, the condition is often described as cerebral palsy withdystonia.
Dystonic cerebral palsy is generally caused by damage to the basal ganglia – part of the brain involved in the recruitment of muscles of movement. Anything that changes or affects the normal development of the brain can lead to problems with the way it transmits information to the muscles, and therefore can cause cerebral palsy.

"What if I fall?" Oh, but my darling What if you fly

Support Rupert

The next fund raiser for Rupert is happening on September 15th by Ruperts Dad, Paul. He will be cycling 284km, 1km for each day that Rupert spent in neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) and 1km for each day we missed George. The route has been chosen wisely to go through the National Forest between Seville and Granada. The trek is to take around 3 days and all proceeds and donations go to Rupert to fund his on going treatment. You can see more about Rupert's treatment here